The Concord and Claremont Railroad was chartered on June 24,1848. Construction commenced on November 19, 1848, and about ten months later, on September 21, 1849, the railroad was formally opened to Warner, NH. To celebrate the event a train of nine cars with 500 people was dispatched to Concord in the morning. At eleven o'clock an expanded train of about eighteen cars, carrying 800 people, started the return journey. Two locomotives were required for this extra­heavy trainload. One was placed in the front and the other in the rear. The length of the original railroad was eighteen miles. Soon the line was extended to Bradford increasing the length of the little railroad line to more than twenty­seven miles. By 1852 the Concord and Claremont Railroad was bankrupt. It was merged in January of 1853 with the New Hampshire Central Railroad and named the Merrimac and Connecticut Rivers Railroad Company. In 1874 a merger with the Sugar River Railroad and the Contoocook Valley Railroad once again formed the Concord and Claremont Railroad. Now under control of the Northern Railroad. When the Boston and Maine Railroad absorbed the Northern Railroad the Claremont Concord Railroad became the Claremont branch of the Boston and Maine. Three passenger trains a day were operated each way on week days and one train each way on Sundays. During busy summer months additional service, and more cars were attached to the trains. There were also daily freights each way, besides the Monday morning special and a express service.
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